Transformation of business operations or municipal facilities towards a CO2-neutral operation before 2050

Our activity is divided into four areas:

  1. Auditing of the site and collection of all relevant data
  2. Determination of CO2 emissions and decarbonization potential
  3. Development of a catalog of measures tailored to your needs, which can be implemented immediately
  4. Implementation of the measures

Further support up to neutrality 

Exclusive conception and management of the entire decarbonization project as well as internal and external resources


Our approach

1. Exchange with you on the initial situation, strategy, goal, project setup (team / process / budget)

2. Data collection and processing, creation of a fact book and compilation of all necessary information

3. Presentation of the rough concept and the possible profitability

4. Finalization of the catalog of measures after consultation with you

5. Decision on the presented concept

6. Assignment and control of the internal and external teams

7. Implementation and Documentation

8. Follow-up care


Time schedule

The total duration of the project can only be predicted after more precise coordination, but is usually between 3 and 24 months.


1. Creation of a rough concept as a fixed price, depending on the complexity and scope

2. Implementation costs are calculated and agreed individually 

Every organization is individual and has its own goals. It is therefore difficult to give a general cost estimate without an exact analysis of the initial situation. Service comes from serving and providing.

You can be sure that we will do exactly that for you and pay attention to performance-based billing for everyone involved.


Immediate next steps

In order to be able to work on your decarbonization project in a time- and cost-optimized manner right from the start, we ask you to fill out the form below as completely as possible. Our consulting experts will get in touch with you immediately and coordinate the further procedure with you.

Too much information?

Arrange a personal one Deadline and we work out the open questions together.

We look forward to you.

Maximilian Reitmeir