Decentralized energy production

Solar radiation that falls on our planet's surface in one week exceeds all known world reserves of oil, uranium and coal combined.

In addition, solar energy is ecologically clean, it does not produce carbon dioxide (like thermal power plants), it is completely radiation-proof (unlike nuclear power plants) and does not produce waste that requires further processing (slag or radioactive waste). Therefore, solar energy has recently become one of the fastest developing industries.

Main advantages of PV solar power plants:

  • Use of free, renewable energy that is available in almost unlimited quantities.
  • High and long-lasting reliability, modern solar panels can operate efficiently for more than 25 years. In addition, the system has no moving/rotating parts that wear out and need to be replaced quickly.

When planning and constructing PV systems and storage systems, there is a lot that needs to be considered. This begins with the selection of possible areas, professional planning and layout of the systems, selection and procurement of the necessary components, proper construction planning and execution, commissioning and registration with the responsible authorities.

GiB has the appropriate organizational structure, specialist staff, equipment and permits to implement projects in the field of renewable energies at the highest quality level on schedule.

As a general contractor, we offer you the development, planning, configuration, construction, construction, commissioning and maintenance of EE systems (energy generation systems) and are also able to accompany projects as the customer's representative.

Our way of working on projects

Very often in the initial phase it is difficult to accurately estimate the cost and schedule of the project as many parameters are still unknown or still need to be tuned. In the case of complex projects, joint work between the customer and the general contractor is necessary. To make matters worse, the prices for components are developing very dynamically, for example, prices increased by 40% in the first half of 2022. The customer has the advantage that we have built up a large stock of PV modules, inverters and storage systems and are constantly expanding them. This means that we can also implement large projects at short notice and at a fixed price.

GiB offers its customers a "Carefree package“!

The essential steps for the construction of an industrial solar power plant are shown below:

  • Preliminary project appraisal Examination of all project materials available in the initial phase (consumption data, construction plans, grid connection check, meteorological data and solar radiation). For some projects it is necessary to inspect them on site, often the satellite data is sufficient to carry out the preliminary examination
  • Preparation of the preliminary planning (list of the main components, calculation of the capacity of the future solar power plant, phases of construction and commissioning, list of works and services of the contractor, etc.)
  • Preparation of the offer with possible realization periods
  • Delivery of equipment and assembly
  • Technical acceptance of the object and delivery of the project documentation
  • Connection of the solar power plant to the power grid and commissioning
  • Training of employees for operation, maintenance and monitoring

In some cases, individual items from the above list may be missing or in a different order.

Are you planning to implement a "decentralized energy generation system" with and without storage?

Just talk to us, our employees in the respective departments will be happy to support you with your project!

Please feel free to arrange an appointment with us. We are at your disposal in all modern ways such as by telephone, in person or in a video conference.

We look forward to you and your inquiry.

Karsten Jurgschat